What is Wabi Sabi?

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term that describes the art of "finding beauty in imperfection". We understand that no home is perfect. Whether you are selling your home or want to give it a new, updated look, we'll work with what you have or bring in new and exciting design elements and ideas. Your home will be transformed as we apply our successful and innovative home staging and redesign techniques.

 A touch of subtle color here draws the eye to your beautiful fire place. A fold of fabric there turns the sofa into a stunning family room centerpiece. It is truly amazing what happens when we combine carefully chosen creative staging props with the artistic flare of a designer's eye and the savvy of an experienced Realtor.

Staging the

Wabi Sabi Way


  • Accredited Staging Professional
  • Member of the International Accredited Home Staging Professionals 
  • Real Estate Broker - Equity Colorado Real Estate 

Dawne applies her creative heritage, as well as her personal imagination to the art of home staging and redesign. With over 23 years of hands-on staging and redesign experience, she is truly passionate about discovering the "beauty in imperfection".

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